Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I recently received an ARC of Click, a fascinating collaboration by authors such as Linda Sue Park, Eoin Colfer, Roddy Doyle, Nick Hornby, and Gregory Maguire. It's fantastic! Here's my review:

Maggie is a young girl whose beloved grandfather, a famous photojournalist called “Gee,” has just died, leaving her a special package. Rather than opening it right away, Maggie goes through a grieving process for weeks. Finally, she is ready, and what she finds in Gee’s package sends her on the journey of a lifetime. This is a “jump” story, one where several authors write short stories, all tied together with one “jump character” or “jump object.” In this book, Grandpa Gee is the “jump character” whose story is told by a wide range of popular authors of both adult and children’s fiction. Maggie and her adopted brother Jason show up in some of the stories, aging into mature years as the book progresses. Other installments introduce people and situations from Gee’s past: two Japanese brothers during World War II, a couple of Irish boys who met Muhammad Ali, prisoners in a Russian jail, and a mysterious girl who lives by the sea. The stories work well together and create a fascinating blend of fantasy, realism, science fiction, and historical fiction. Collected by well-respected editor Arthur A. Levine, this collection has something for everyone and each purchase benefits Amnesty International!

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