Monday, August 10, 2009

The Princess Plot

The Princess Plot is a great choice for young teens who are still into princesses but maybe not fantasy. It's a fun, adventurous, and fast-paced read.

Jenna's mom is way over-protective and Jenna never gets to do anything. When some movie producers come to town to audition girls for the part of a princess, Jenna sneaks away and doesn't tell her mom. She's thrilled when she gets the part, but that's when things turn a little weird. Like, the producers whisk her away on a private jet to Scandia, without even letting her talk to her mom.

Meanwhile, in Scandia, the king has just died and the princess has disappeared. On the brink of civil war, the regent can't risk the backlash if the citizens knew that the princess was gone, so he replaces the princess with Jenna (who happens to look exactly like her)!

While it may sound like any girl's dream, a nefarious plot is afoot and soon Jenna is deeply entrenched in more secrets than she could have imagined.

This German import is a welcome treat for the end of summer.

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