Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Other People's Best Books

Now that The Horn Book has finally put out their Fanfare list, I can commence with compiling all the "best" book lists of the year for kids and teens, you know, for those of you who may not have seen them all already. Surely in all these great lists, you will find the perfect book for you and your young readers.

A compilation of all starred reviews of the year from the top review publications. This comes from the lovely folks at Publisher's Weekly's Shelftalker blog. Can I just say that we have needed this sort of thing for years? Thank you so, so much!

The aforementioned Fanfare from The Horn Book.

School Library Journal has published their best list and also their Heavy Medal blog (a mock Newbery discussion blog) has posted their final list of contenders.

Old news, but here's the New York Times Notable Children's Books and Best Illustrated Children's Books lists.

Even older news is Publisher's Weekly's Best Children's Books list. I suppose they can have theirs out by November 2, since they represent publishers, right?

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