Sunday, August 07, 2005

Welcome to the blog!

This is my first experience with blogging and I've decided it might be worthwhile. I am going to try to create a forum for readers, librarians, and book lovers in general and see how it evolves. Maybe it will be me all by my lonesome, or maybe it will go worldwide! Maybe it will be a place for me to chat about what I'm reading or a safe place for others to ask questions or a meeting place for information lovers. We'll see. At the very least I'm playing with this "HOT" technology and that's what librarians are supposed to do, right?

My favorite blog inspired me to do it myself. When I was voting for the Webby Awards this spring I came upon, a terrific blog that's so well done I didn't even realize that's what it was until after visiting a few times. Besides the cursory information in my information technologies class, I hadn't really explored the genre at all and this great blog made me curious to see what I could do.

Okay, world, here goes!

Love, Your Friendly Librarian


BoulderBound said...

Hey Ms. Librarian! I'm looking forward to reading your Blog. Looks great so far! Am I the first to comment?

Your Librarian said...

Indeed you are the first, Mr. BoulderBound. I hope you enjoy future comments and book reviews. :)

Mina24 said...

I am another blogger and I just discovered your website. It's a great blog and I hope you will resume posting soon.