Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sci-Fi Overload

This month I have read more sci-fi than in the last 10 years combined...and really it's only been the two books, mainly, so you can see how little sci-fi I read otherwise. These two kids books are worth a mention and a look.

Hungry by Althea Eason.
What would you do if your parents wanted you to eat the boy you're beginning to crush on, who also happens to be your best friend? If you were an alien family living undercover on planet Earth, this scenario would sound more plausible, right? That is just what is happening to poor Deborah, I mean Dbkrrrsh. She and her parents have been staking out Earth in order to help when it's time for the upcoming Invasion. While Deborah has always been able to feed on anonymous humans before, her parents want her to prove how loyal she is to the home planet by eating a human who is her friend. What's an alien girl to do?

While its one of the few (okay, only) hilarious sci-fi novels I've enjoyed in years, this is a refreshing coming-of-age story too. While there are lots of plot twists and complications, the story never stalls and is full of surprises. I recommend it - and it's always great to have a true juvenile sci-fi to recommend. Also, Deborah is not too girly, so this novel should appeal to readers of both sexes. And aliens too.

There's Nothing to do on Mars by Chris Gall
Davey Martin's family moved to Mars. There's nothing to do on Mars - Davey is sure of it. In the illustrations, the reader sees all the great things Davey could be doing, but he just thinks everything is boring. He zooms around on a space scooter with his robot dog, exploring the whole planet, finding all kinds stuff that adults will recognize (is that the Mars Rover buried in the sand? Davey calls it "an old toy"). Finally, Davey finds something fun to do that will change Mars forever. The retro kitchsy illustrations are great and compliment the 60's Space Race nostalgia of the text. The story can be read on an adult humorous level while the kids enjoy all there is to see. Warning: You may want to smack Davey for not appreciating all the awesome stuff on Mars. He's the epitome of the spoiled, whiney kid.

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